Strength Of A Woman

The strength of a woman

Comes from various different places

Influenced by many

All with different faces

My mom taught me

Not to fear someone’s

sickness or disability

Nothing should keep you from

Comforting someone in need

I can say that she exemplified

Just that


Rosa Parks taught me

That I am worthy enough

To sit just where I please

With calmness

And with grace

Just not down

Upon my knees

Joan Baez once conveyed

Dylan’s lyrics

The answers

Were blowing in the wind

And she was right

When I listened

Very carefully

I found many

Still in flight

Billie Jean King showed me

That a woman with skills

And dedication

Can and will be a winner

Ashley Graham

Clearly demonstrated

That models don’t always

Have to be thinner

Professor Kellerman

Encouraged me to express

My deepest thoughts

And emotions

Of course

This was contrary

To some men’s

Preconceived notions

Frida Kahlo showed me

That even with great adversity

Your talents

They don’t have to vanish

We speak a common language

Although it is not Spanish

Mrs. Mello

My second grade teacher

Taught me

If I really look

If I really see

The words to describe

Were right there

Visible in front of me

Oprah displayed

All at once

Great strength and vulnerability

Two things many of us

Never thought possible


Froiline Maria’s character

Reminded me

To always sing

No matter how tough

Circumstances get


It shall bring

Jane Goodall

Demonstrated how

A little compassion

Could turn the wildest creature

Into a gentle giant

We are all capable of this

Whether you believe in

Religion or Science

Sara Bareilles told me

To stop holding my tongue

Then I looked

Between the lines

To my words no longer a slave

So I took her advice

And I learned

Just how to be brave

Mrs. Nobrega showed me how

Fresh baked cookies

And phone calls

Can turn neighbors into family

And quiet noises

Between walls

Ellen Degeneres told me

Through a tiny fish

To just keep swimming

What your looking for

You will find

But throughout your journey

Just always remember

To be kind

Michelle Obama said

That there is no room

That I cannot

Proudly walk into

I am worthy

No matter who I am

Or what

I have been through

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Reminded me

We can no longer be silenced

Especially after decades

Of oppression and violence

We all have our words

That we want seen

And heard

We all have a voice

Whether we use it or not

It will be our choice!

~jummjeenz  D.T. 2/2017

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