Through The Eyes Of A 16yr-old

That 16yr-old would be me, and the year was 1991 when I wrote the poem titled: Why.

I came across an old journal that contained my childhood poetry. The book was tattered along the edges with teddy bears on the cover and black tape repairing the binding.  Fortunately for me, I had actually started processing my feelings about life through poetry around 1989. Although many of those earlier thoughts ended up in the trash, not ready to be revealed, or received. I angrily discovered one day that scratching my pencil furiously upon a clean sheet of white lined paper was a huge release. Luckily, I clumsily stumbled across my own voice at this time. I guess I figured that it was o.k. if I didn’t share it with others, because essentially it brought me a great deal of comfort just knowing that it did exist. Now, I feel as if it is meant to be shared. The world can be a very heavy place at times, and this is exactly why a creative outlet can be such a powerful and healing tool for a child. When the world is a confusing and scary place those emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness can all be expressed by channeling them in a positive and creative manner. There have always been difficult times in the world, social issues, family life, school, friends, death, etc.We as a society just need to talk to the children, teens especially, and help guide them toward a creative outlet. Possibly helping them by turning a negative into a positive, or destructive behavior into constructive. Within that process there is reflection, change, and ultimately healing.

Throughout history we have also had to deal with issues regarding race, religion, and freedom of choice. So, today is no different. We must look to the children for they are the future, and the positive coping mechanisms that they are introduced to now will only aid them and many others for years to come. Solutions are never found within a silent world.

Peace ~jummyjeenz

Why??? Journal pages age 16: 12/19/91  click once on first picture to open the gallery

(I ask that you take the time to read this as there are many children right now that are not expressing feelings that may be much stronger than these.) This method just happened to work for me, and still does to this day. If given an opportunity they too can channel their emotions in many  positive and creative ways.


I’m older now with more developed thoughts and ideas. Wiser? Are children not wise? Speak to them and you may feel differently. They are meant to be seen, heard, and included in the conversation.

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