The Nature Of Equality


The Nature Of Equality

~Deana J. Tavares

Nature bends and bows

Shimmers and glistens

Upon furrowed

Or flattened brow

Did the sun rise

Aiming its rays

To caress

Only your face

The oceans swelling



Do worms tunnel below

Giving nutrients

To thousands

Of fiberous arms

And roots

Only to bless

Selected hands

With the sweetened

Tender fruits

Did the mockingbird

Perfect its trilling trills


Those tweets

They impersonate

Only for specific ears

To resonate

Do the flowers

Scent the air

Blossoming accordingly

For particular eyes to see

Or are they breezily


Happily free

Did the clouds part

Allowing the suns warmth


To grace your skin

I’m certain

The buttercups grew

To also dance

Their delicate light

Across my


© 2018

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