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~jummyjeenz Newsletter~

2018 July-December

The five words that sum up this past year for me are:

Grateful, Inspired, Honored, Connected, and Loved!

This year we have all had our share of ups and downs within the world and our personal lives as well. However it’s always important to keep moving forward and keep the hope alive. Everyday we are presented with another 24 hours to learn, grow, and transform.   When difficult circumstances attempt to put out our light, we must shine it even brighter, so we can find our way and maybe help others find theirs as well. Whatever role you played in my life this year my gratitude runs deep, it was very much appreciated. Whether I performed with you, attended the Joiner workshop, enjoyed the same event, released butterflies, attended a potluck, or just simply shared a heart to heart conversation, all of of these actions were equally as important. Anything that connects us to one another as human beings in a meaningful way is creating community, and bringing us one step closer to more peace within our world. Thank you all for the time you have shared! I look forward to sharing, connecting more, and creating many positive changes in the new year!

~Peace, love, light, jummyjeenz (Deana Tavares)


7/22/18 – Invited to join School Street Sessions Poetry Advisory Committee

Feeling extremely grateful, humbled, and honored to join this committee of seasoned poets. I’m looking forward to this journey of sharing and learning. All of our readings are held at the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston MA between the months of September and April.

New Literary Group Turns History Of Bostons Legendary ‘Saturday Night Club’ On Its Head

(March 24, 2017 WBRU broadcast)

The School Street Sessions Advisory Committee: William F. Bagley (Director of Gift Planning, St. Mark’s School); Joseph Bergin (Carpenter Poet); Mary Bonina (Author, Boston Writers Room Board); Charles Coe (Poet, Musician); Danielle Legros Georges (Boston Poet Laureate, Professor at Lesley University); Holly Guran (Poet); Tom Johnston (Director of Programs, Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture), Deborah Melone (Poet, Editor); Elizabeth Quinlan (Poet, Visual Artist), Sandra Storey (Journalist, Poet);        Deana Tavares (Poet, Visual Artist); Susan Wilson (House Historian, Omni Parker House).


7/29/18  Attended Peace Abbey Memorial Re-Dedication

This heartfelt gathering left me feeling extremely hopeful to know that there are still many peace workers within our world with unwavering hope. It was truly inspiring to see individuals of various cultural backgrounds in attendance to support efforts of peace. Grateful to have participated and been immersed within all of the positive energy that surrounded.



8/1/18  Became a contributor for the website Dare To Bless The Love

As one of their Scholarctivists I am thankful for yet another platform to share my voice to spread positivity and hopefulness while addressing the issues of equality, acceptance, and oneness. I’m also enlivened to join this community of individuals who share in these concepts and are collectively working to, inspire, uplift, and spread healing energy into the world.

Our team: Rev. Amelia Monteiro, Shams E. Monteiro

Scholarctivists: Benel Dreksler,  Matta Miriam Ghaly, E.N. Hill, & Deana Tavares



8/24/2018  Raised Monarch Butterflies from eggs then released

These butterfly eggs in particular were found at the Peace Abbey in Sherborne MA Dot Walsh and Madeline Champagne assisted me in identifying and collecting the eggs. Madeline also gave me thorough guidelines to follow as this was my first time raising butterflies. I had one of the most amazing experiences when I finally became a butterfly mama. While caring for these little beauties I was given an up close look and a deeper appreciation for the life cycle of butterflies. Not only was I entertained and intrigued by this process, but everyone who I came in contact with was also mesmerized. It’s not often that you get an opportunity to see miracles happen right before your very eyes. I have gratitude beyond gratitude for these moments and all the others listed on this page. I plan to raise more in the near future. The most important thing that I learned is that there is a shortage of milkweed, so plant some if you can to help our little friends survive and fly off to Mexico.  Afterall they too are pollinators!

And yes I received a Monarch Guardian certificate from an expert on butterflies Madeline Champagne.


Here is a brochure she wrote about gardening for butterflies:


8/26/18  Performed in We Did It For You at Boston Faneuil Hall for Women’s Equality Day

This was a moment that I will not soon forget as I performed as Fannnie Lou Hamer and shared her testimony in the very location many years ago where slaves were being sold. I believe this was a powerful moment for myself and for as my cast mates as well. Although this was a big show for us, there will be many more performances in the future. The stories of these extraordinary women can not be forgotten!


Faneuil Hall Boston Performance Aug.26th Women’s Equality Day Photo credit: Andy Celley

Lots of smiles from family, friends, and cast mates

Check out the website for future performances:  (After winter break most performances will be held at the Orpheum Theater in Foxboro MA. set to begin again in March) 



8/27/2018 Article Peace Within The Creases Published on Engaging Peace Website




9/23/18  We Did It For You-Performed at Boston Center For The Arts Plaza

Another performance in the city of Boston to a very engaged crowd. We felt very connected to the audience as they were very connected to the women’s stories who we were portraying. I was proud to stand on the stage once again and see the dedication and passion from my cast mates. They are an amazingly talented group of women!

Thankful to all of these amazing folks who came out to support We Did It For You and women’s rights!


9/27/18  Voice-Over work with Andy Celley

This year I have had the pleasure of working once again with Andy Celley on various musical voice-over projects. I look forward to doing more of these singing  projects in the very near future. Check out his latest tune for Christmas.


9/29/18  School Street Sessions Event
Kevin Bowen presenter
The Radical Education: Ho CHi Minh’s 1912 Boston Sojourn

Kevin’s presentation was very informative and offered a glimpse into history. Who knew that Ho Chi Minh worked at the Omni Parker hotel? There’s a great power in sharing stories from the past and present that connects us all as humans.

10/3/2018 Attended Donna Dodson’s Match Of The Matriarchs

Donna Dodson’s Match Of The Matriarchs, Eric Sealine, and Battle Of The Beasts
w/ Jennifer Shashade, Kledia Spiro, & Daniel Meirom. Beautiful work! It was a unique event and a full house. Amazing sculpture work from Donna Dodson, weightlifting performance piece by Kledia Spiro, and insane skills displayed by chess grandmaster Jennifer Shashade. So happy that I made it out to this event showcasing powerful and talented women!

10/20/18   Feature performance on Wake-Up And Smell The Poetry
                  w/Host Cheryl Perreault and musical feature Louis Apollon

I’m grateful to Cheryl Perreault and HCAM studios for inviting me to be a feature and also for how receptive the audience was to the PowerPoint presentation weaved together with storytelling and poetry. They were also very connected to the musical stylings and kind spirit of Louis Apollon. It was a great pleasure sharing the stage with Louis! Also this venue provides a very welcoming space for all to share their work. An open mic always follows two feature performers.

Louis Apollon and host Cheryl Perreault:


Open mic performers:

10/27/18   School Street Sessions Event – Meredith Bergmann

Meredith Bergmann is a poet and sculptor. She is the creator of the amazingly detailed Boston Women’s Memorial. It was thankful to be at this event and hear about her journey as a sculptor, poet, and mother. You can find more of her stunning work inclusive of sculptures, public art commissions, and poetry at:

10/28/18 Boston Women’s Memorial Celebration

This was a wonderful celebration to honor the powerful women who came before us. Sculptor Meredith Bergmann designed these statues to commemorate first lady Abigail Adams an early advocate for women’s rights, Phillis Wheatley the first published African-American female poet, and Lucy Stone abolitionist and suffragist. All of these women once lived in the Boston area for some time. I felt very empowered and connected to the energy of these women when viewing and appreciating Meredith’s works of art.


Photo credit for group photos:

Boston City Council’s Annissa Essaibi George, & Andrea Campbell, Deana Tavares of We Did It For You and Fredie Kay of the Women’s Suffrage Coalition 

10/31/2018  Lesley University Poetry and Storytelling Presentation

I had the wonderful opportunity to share my stories and poetry with Alan O’hare’s storytelling and healing class along with Dot Walsh. I believe that we all learned a great deal from one another on this day. The young women were very receptive to the work that was shared with them and we had many discussions as a result. They also shared a bit about themselves as well. There was a great flow of energy being shared within that space. I really enjoyed the company and the insight of these young women!

11/3 /2018  Yes on 3 Campaign

Why? Because civil rights are for us all! When there is a threat to take away one groups civil rights, that is a threat to us all. My fellow Dedham residents/activists, impressed me with their dedication to this campaign led by David Atkins. I’m glad to know them and fortunate to have been able to share my voice as well.  Still puzzled that we even had this question on the ballot.                                                                                                                                          #Yeson3 #Youmatter #wematter #humanitymatters



Alison Brill, Alison Staton, & Dave Atkins to name a few

11/8/2018 Oneness And Wellness – Music Meditation with David Sholemson and host Dot Walsh

David Sholemson is a meditation instructor at 3 Body Healing Arts. Myself and Dot Walsh had the opportunity to learn and assist him in demonstrating his music meditation techniques. I highly recommend trying this form of meditation if silent and still meditation don’t work for you. It’s invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. We live within a heavy world and there are many mindful practices that can assist us in caring for our mind, body, and soul. Perhaps give it a try!


Music meditation show:

More info can be found at:

11/17/2018  School Street Sessions Event – Tino Villanueva

Tino Villanueva’s poetry was well-received and I also had the pleasure of connecting with him on a personal level afterwards which was a treat. He is the author of seven books of poetry and shared from several of them on this evening.

Image may contain: 1 person


12/8/2018 Attended Genki Spark – Community Let’s Build It Event

“The Genki Spark is a multi-generational, pan-Asian women’s arts and advocacy organization that uses Japanese taiko drumming, personal stories, and creativity to build community, develop leadership, and advocate respect for all.”

This was an event that establishes a high level of connectivity. The attendees arrived as strangers and left as friends. It was led by Karen Young Boston artists in residence. I was thankful to be informed about this event and be able to take part. I left with a very hopeful feeling. I highly recommend attending one of their events in the near future.

For more info: 

12/19/2018  Pieced Together – story published by engaging peace (path into peace and social justice)



12/15/1018  Attended Wake Up And Smell The Poetry

Feature performers Denise Moyo and Chris Lee with host Cheryl Perreault

Denise Moyo’s performance was moving as she deeply connected to the concept of processing trauma through her writing. She delivered some powerful poetic words. Chris Lee’s tranquil melodic love songs followed. Its always  a pleasure to be a part of this audience and hear the talented performers share their perspectives.         



A few face painting and digital art projects over the past few months. Maybe some new faces will appear in 2019. Stay tuned!


Cheers to more of all of the above in the New Year!

It is in the sharing of our stories that we can find common ground, compassion, understanding, acceptance, love, and community. All these roads will lead us to a more peaceful world!


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